How to Clean Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding can experience a lot of wear and tear due to weather abuse. even though modern materials are extremely durable, vinyl can show signs of wear and dirt build up due to the constant exposure to the elements.


Some of the common causes for your vinyl siding to look dirty and worn include:

Exposure to the Elements – UV rays, winds, rainstorms, and winter weather can impact the appearance of your siding.

Mold – Moisture caused by melting snow or rain can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Rust – Your vinyl siding will not rust, however it can be exposed to rust marks caused by a nail or screw leaving reddish-brown stains and streaks across the finish.

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How to Save for Home Improvements?

Certain home renovations improve the visual appeal of the house and make it more energy-efficient. Some repairs will pay for their cost by helping the homeowners to save money on utility bills and other expenses. The following are essential repairs that are worth considering for your house.


  1. Window Replacement

Over the years, windows tend to require a replacement due to wear and tear from exposure to extreme weather and operations. However, window replacement will improve the curb appeal of your home and help you to reduce energy bills. There is a wide array of replacement windows that suit the architectural design of your home and your budget.

  1. Replacement Door

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How Can I Update my Home for Cheap?

Even though home renovations are big value increases, they don’t come for a cheap price. Experts suggest to annually set aside 1% of your home’s initial cost, specifically for renovation projects. Keeping your home updated is the same as regularly flossing your teeth.


Here is how to properly update your home for cheap:

Repaint Everything

The cheapest way to update your home’s looks is to simply get a paintbrush in your hands and refresh everything. The colors on your exterior walls are equally important as those on your interior. They determine your curb appeal and create a base for another décor.

Besides walls, you should also refresh your floors, cabinets, furniture...

When Should I Replace My Shingles?

Unfortunately, roofs don’t last forever. To make sure that your roof is always in top shape, you have to do regular maintenance and repair. Having a damaged roofing structure leads to higher energy bills, less comfort, and moisture problems.


The type of shingles you have determines your roof’s efficiency. Here is what to look out for if you suspect they need replacing:


First and foremost, each shingle material has its own unique lifespan. Even though they are the cheapest material, asphalt shingles last significantly less than other types (18-23). Wooden shingles are somewhere in the middle with an average of 35 years while metal and tile can even last a 100 years.


5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale

House-viewing day is very important. Many home sellers failed to make good deals just because they didn’t follow prep procedures. Hearing advice from quality realtors also helps since they know what the buyers will be looking for.

If you are nervous before your big day, don’t be! Prepping your home for sale is extremely easy, and fun too! Here are 5 ways to make your home look more appealing and inviting.



Modern home buyers value energy efficiency and curb appeal above everything else. This is why your garden matters, A LOT! Cutting down some loose branches, removing old or faded plants and tidying up your garden will surely make your home look a thousand bucks more....

Why Is It Important To Have Gutters?

If you are moving into a new home, you will probably hear the word “gutters” once or twice. As a new homeowner, you will also be hearing a lot about window replacement, basement waterproofing, weeping tiles, and sump pumps.

The last three, including gutters, are an important part of the drainage system in your house. Homes without gutters and sump pumps have a much harder time keeping up with the rainy season.

Gutters are necessary for every home that is exposed to rain. In fact, the only homes which don’t need gutters are those located in desserts.


What Do They Do?

Gutters are a system of open pipes that control the pathways of rainwater. They are placed around roofs. Afte...

Are Gutters Necessary For Your Home?

The main function gutters have is to properly dispose of excess rainwater. So unless you live in an area which hasn’t seen rain or snow for decades, yes, you need gutters for your home. Without them, our roofs would get filled with water which would lead to severe leaks and foundation cracks.

If you are unsure whether to install gutters, contact professional roofing and schedule a free consultation. Every home is different and your problem might be solved without gutters. But, it is highly possible that you do need them and here is why:


What Do They Do?

We mentioned how the gutter’s main role is to properly dispose of excess rainwater. So why is this important? The power of water...

What Kind of Damages Can Clogged Gutters Cause?

You haven’t been cleaning the gutters regularly? They aren’t functioning properly anymore? Don’t worry since it is a problem that can be easily fixed. And no, unfortunately cleaning them now won’t solve the entire problem. In fact, if your gutters are loose and detached from the home’s structure, you might even end up getting hurt. Before you schedule a gutter cleaning appointment though, it is good to know how excess water from clogged gutters can do damage to your home.

How do gutters get clogged in the first place? With time, leaves and other debris build up inside and form strong structures. Sometimes, birds and pests even build nests in your gutters and in w...