Custom Doors

Custom Doors at C.A.P.O.R. Renovations

At C.A.P.O.R. Renovations, our focus is providing top-quality doors that fit your home’s needs and styles. Between our variety of doors and our superior installation services, you can be sure you’re getting the renovation service you want.

Front Doors

Front doors are classified in manufacturers' literature as exterior doors. They are usually made of wood, but may also be made of fiberglass or steel. A wide range of custom-made front door designs is available to give a completely individual appearance to the home. Many designs incorporate glazed central or side panels with leading and beveled or coloured glass. Front doors can incorporate concealed multi-bolt locking systems.

Door Styles and Colours

Decorative Glass Collection

It’s the door glass that makes the difference! Bring light in without sacrificing privacy. Decorative glass casts intricate patterns of sunlight upon the interior and exterior spaces of your home while contrasting textures create depth.

Garden and Patio Doors

Enhance the appearance of your deck or patio entrance with a full selection of attractive glass designs in your new swinging garden door. Standard patio doors are built as follows: one door is fixed and the other open inwards as viewed from the exterior. Also available: 3 and 4 panel patio and garden doors.

Storm Doors

Storm doors are secondary doors that fit over primary exterior doors. A storm door may save energy in two ways:

Reducing air leakage through spaces around the existing door

Creating an insulated air space between itself and the existing door, reducing heat conduction

Storm doors can also be used to protect the main door, to reduce maintenance costs, to keep insects away and to allow natural ventilation during some seasons, which may also lower air-conditioning and energy costs.