5 Questions To Ask Before Getting Replacement Windows And Doors

Your windows and doors do more than just provide you with a view of the outdoors or an entrance and exit to your home. They are a key component of your home’s safety, comfort and aesthetics. So, it is no surprise that when it comes to replacing windows and doors, homeowners take researching the best product and installation team for the job very seriously.


Below we have highlighted 5 key questions to ask your sales specialist before replacing your windows and doors.

1. Do I Need Replacement Windows and Doors?

This may sound like a strange question to ask a sales representative that is trying to sell you new windows and doors. But, having an expert evaluate your current windows and doors ...

How to Clean Vinyl Siding?

Vinyl siding can experience a lot of wear and tear due to weather abuse. even though modern materials are extremely durable, vinyl can show signs of wear and dirt build up due to the constant exposure to the elements.


Some of the common causes for your vinyl siding to look dirty and worn include:

Exposure to the Elements – UV rays, winds, rainstorms, and winter weather can impact the appearance of your siding.

Mold – Moisture caused by melting snow or rain can lead to the growth of mold and mildew.

Rust – Your vinyl siding will not rust, however it can be exposed to rust marks caused by a nail or screw leaving reddish-brown stains and streaks across the finish.

Chalk – ch...

What Do You Need to Know When Replacing Doors and Windows?

Your home comprises of many different materials, some are structural, some are functional, and others are for aesthetics. Your doors and windows fall into the functional category, they are also among the most commonly used items from this category in your home. When looking at door and window replacement options, you are also enhancing the functionality, aesthetics, and the security of your home.


Before you can begin a windows and doors replacement project you must look into several crucial factors, to ensure the best results possible. Below are 5 factors you need to consider for a door and window replacement project.

1. Measurements

One of the challenges many homeowners face when replacing ...

How Should I Clean Window Tracks?

Dust, dirt, leaves, and dead bugs can all get caught in your window tracks. It doesn’t matter if you have your windows open or closed, eventually, dirt and debris will rest in your window tracks. Cleaning your windows is a task that should be completed at least a couple of times a year, and cleaning your window tracks should be part of that process. The problem with your window tracks is that they are difficult to clean thoroughly utilizing just the same tools and cleaners you use on your window’s glass surface.


Only after cleaning the glass and frames of your window, is it time to move onto the track. If you clean the track first, dirt from the glass and frame will accumulate bac...

How To Tell If You Need New Windows?

Your windows are an important part of your home’s make-up, your windows allow for natural light to enter your home, they give you a view of the outdoors, they help maintain your home’s desired temperature, and they are a part of your home’s aesthetics. Your windows have a life expectancy or 15-25 years, but with no best before date how do you know if replacement windows are needed?


Here are a few indicators that it may be time to start planning a window replacement project:

If you have an older home that is outfitted with single pane windows or perhaps windows with rotting wooden frames, it is definitely time to look into replacing them. New windows will be easier to operat...

How Do Energy Efficient Windows Work?

Many homeowners are looking to minimize the costs of heating and cooling in their homes. Heat gain and heat loss through windows are responsible for approximately 25% of residential heating and cooling energy use.


If you are looking to replace your old and deteriorating windows, don’t be tempted to choose a less expensive replacement window option. Although energy-efficient windows can cost up to 15% more, you should invest in high quality, energy-efficient window replacement.

What is an energy-efficient window? How exactly do energy-efficient windows work? Well, energy-efficient windows aren’t different from any other type of window. They look and function the same, but the diffe...

Is Getting New Windows Worth It?

For many people weighing out the pros and cons of completing a home improvement project is a standard part of the decision-making process. If you are contemplating a window replacement project for your home, you may be wondering if getting new windows is worth it.

The reason you may be looking at window replacement options may be due to your windows being old and looking dated, or perhaps they may not be functioning at optimal levels by allowing air to enter and escape or are just tough to open and close. Here are a few key items to consider when deciding if replacing your windows is worth it:


1. Increased Security

If your windows are older, there is a chance that they may be in disrepair makin...

How Do I Know If My Windows Need Replacing?

Windows are an indispensable component of your home. In most cases, they usually neglected until they become too bad to be ignored – that is when we start thinking about window replacement. However, several glaring signs tell you that you need window replacement in your home. Consequently, read the tips below to know that your windows need replacing.


1. Rising Energy Bills

One of the signs that let you know that your windows need replacing is high energy bills. If your bills keep increasing without bringing a new electrical appliance, your heater or air conditioning may be responsible for trying to keep the house warm or cold due to loss of energy efficiency.

As soon as your energy bill...

5 Ways To Save On Window Replacement

Window replacement is an essential home improvement that improves the aesthetics, functionality, and increases the value of a building. Over time, it is crucial to carry out window replacement in your home to improve your energy efficiency. Also, if you want to place your property on the market for sale, you should consider replacing the windows to have your house sold at a good value.


Regardless of the purpose of carrying out window replacement in your home, you can save money on the project by following the five tips below:

1. Repair or Replace

You may not replace your windows if they are not entirely damaged or if they are still under warranty. Although wear and tear may have affected the ph...

How Do I Choose New Windows?

House windows are one of the most eye-appealing parts of the house. Not just because of their function as light-bringers, and temperature regulators. They also fit into the overall design of the home, based on your selection, like the perfect icing on your interior home design cake. It is for these exact reasons that selecting new windows becomes a deliberate process.


You may be buying windows for your new home, have to replace your old windows because of incoming harsh weather, or out of a sheer desire for a new look/renovation for your house. For whatever reason, it is important that you make the decision for new windows as clear-minded as you can be. It would be a disaster to look back af...