5 Questions To Ask Before Getting Replacement Windows And Doors

Your windows and doors do more than just provide you with a view of the outdoors or an entrance and exit to your home. They are a key component of your home’s safety, comfort and aesthetics. So, it is no surprise that when it comes to replacing windows and doors, homeowners take researching the best product and installation team for the job very seriously.


Below we have highlighted 5 key questions to ask your sales specialist before replacing your windows and doors.

1. Do I Need Replacement Windows and Doors?

This may sound like a strange question to ask a sales representative that is trying to sell you new windows and doors. But, having an expert evaluate your current windows and doors and provide you with their feedback will help gauge if your assessment of needing replacement windows and doors was accurate. Signs that you need to replace your windows and doors include increased cost of electricity bills, drafts in your home, physical damage (warping, rot, cracking, etc.) and difficult operations.

2. Ask About the Energy Efficiency of Your Replacement Products?

One of the key benefits of replacing your windows and doors, is the possibility of reducing your energy consumption. For the most part new windows and doors are built in a manner that makes them more energy efficient and reduces heat loss through them. Before agreeing on your new windows and doors, ask about the efficiency, chances are there are small upgrades you can add that will drastically increase efficiency, saving you money in the long run.

3. Available Designs That Will Enhance Your Home’s Aesthetics?

Replacement windows and doors can be manufactured with different types of materials and varying designs. You are sure to find a product that meets your aesthetics, performance, and durability requirements. Make sure you ask to see all of your options, and not just what the specialist recommends. Irrespective of your house style, there are replacement windows and doors on the market that will complement your home architecture and style. You can get a wide variety of windows styles that will work perfectly with your home.

4. What is The Installation Process?

You can purchase the highest quality windows and doors, and they will fail to meet their potential if the installation was not completed correctly. A poorly installed window or door can void the manufacturer’s warranties, leading to costly repairs and potential replacement. Ask if they use their own inhouse installation team and how many years of experience the team has? After all, you want the individual and the company that you make your agreement with to be ultimately responsible for the project.

5. What Is the Project Timeline?

There is nothing worse than being passionate and excited about a project just to find out that there are delays and the project will not get completed for some time. Ask how long it will take to manufacture your windows and doors, how long will it take to install, and when the estimate start date will be. Although it is tough to provide an exact date for a project that may not begin for a few weeks or even a month, having a basic expectation of time frame will help you to plan your time.

The above questions are not an exhaustive list of what you need to ask your product consultant during your home estimate, but it does provide a good baseline to help you choose the right replacement products and installation team.