5 Ways to Prep Your Home for Sale

House-viewing day is very important. Many home sellers failed to make good deals just because they didn’t follow prep procedures. Hearing advice from quality realtors also helps since they know what the buyers will be looking for.

If you are nervous before your big day, don’t be! Prepping your home for sale is extremely easy, and fun too! Here are 5 ways to make your home look more appealing and inviting.



Modern home buyers value energy efficiency and curb appeal above everything else. This is why your garden matters, A LOT! Cutting down some loose branches, removing old or faded plants and tidying up your garden will surely make your home look a thousand bucks more.

You can also plant some new flowers or put decorative vases around the area. Whatever you do, try to avoid doing “too much” or “too little”. Ask for opinions from friends and relatives. Objective points of view always help.

Aroma Sticks

If the entire home smells like a trash bin, it’s obvious that nobody would want to buy it. However, recent research has shown how a lack of smell can also be bad for viewing day.

This is why you should refresh the air inside.

Try to think of ways you can add a certain smell to your home. Opting for aroma sticks and candles is smart and budget-friendly. Choose your home’s perfume wisely. You don’t want any strong smells that will result in frequent sneezes.

Entrance Upgrade

The entrance is the first thing everybody will notice about your home. You want to make it as pleasant and appealing as possible. Upgrading your curb appeal and front entrance can be done in lots of ways. Here is what we recommend:

  • Repainting windows and doors

  • Adding new welcoming mats

  • Cleaning knobs, locks, and doorbells

  • Swiping the pathway and porch

  • Adding cool furniture or décor around

Clean Everything!

Homebuyers are looking for a functional, secure and clean home. You wouldn’t want to lose an upper hand on negotiations just because you forgot to wipe the fridge. Make sure that everything is thoroughly cleaned (inside and out).

People are willing to spend much more if those shiny countertops are really shining. The most important areas that need cleaning are bathrooms and kitchens. You also want to leave good impressions in bedrooms and living areas. That’s why you should change linens, clean windows and doors, fill up cracks in floors and walls and remove dust from corners and TV.


The final prepping technique is the hardest. Not because it involves a ton of manual work. On the contrary, it is done very easily and quickly. However, it involves digging up old memories and emotions.

Making sure that your home is depersonalized before selling day is really important. First, the buyers won’t be distracted by your items such as photos, kid’s drawings and odd lamps your aunt gave you for your wedding.

Second, this process ensures that all clutter is removed. Some home sellers even rent storage units. This helps a lot when it comes to practical issues.

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