Common Questions About your Windows

Windows and doors are indispensable components of any home. As a result, people raise different questions about them due to their experiences when using these windows and doors. However, some questions are most common because almost all homeowners have a similar experience with them. Below are the common questions about your windows and suitable answers.


Why Are My Windows Foggy?

The primary reason for foggy windows is the temperature and high moisture content in the air within your home. Some of the appliances and activities that contribute to foggy windows include heating, plants, dishwashers, baths, and cooking, among others.

How to Fix Foggy Windows

  • Window replacement

  • Ventilating the home

  • Installing a dehumidifier

  • Taking plants out

  • Regulate the HVAC

Benefits of Efficient Windows

What are the Benefits of Efficient Windows? Window replacement must be done with energy-efficient windows as a replacement. Efficient windows and doors have proven to provide immense benefits. Here are some of the benefits of efficient windows:

  • Increase natural light

  • Reduce HVAC cost

  • Save energy and cost

  • Boost comfort in the home

  • Reduce condensation

  • Improve view

  • Enhance aesthetics

  • Reduce fading of interior furnishing

Condensation on the Outside of Windows

How Do You Fix Condensation on the Outside of Windows? Condensation on the outside of your windows does not call for an alarm - it does not indicate that your windows are damaged. Exterior condensation does not have a way of prevention but here are ways to fix it.

  • Wait for the sun to warm up the windows, the condensation will evaporate.

  • Increase the interior temperature to warm the glass. However, this can work where the windows are single-pane and not energy-efficient.

Window Replacement

How Do I Know I Need New Windows? New windows and doors provide a unique experience as well as enhance the aesthetics of the home. However, these are the signs that you need new windows:

  • High energy bills

  • Difficulty operating the windows

  • Leaky windows

  • Decaying frames

  • Increase in noise level indoors

  • Condensation

  • Drafting as

  • Faded furniture and carpentry new the window

  • Crackings in the glass

  • The outdated model of about 20 years old

How Long Do New Windows Last?

It is difficult to estimate the longevity of windows and doors. However, modern windows are designed to last for at least 15 years. Depending on the manufacturer and the warranty given on the product, how long windows will last can vary. Other factors, such as exposure to the elements and rate of use, can determine how long your windows will last.

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