How to Care and Maintain Your Front Door?

The front door is one of the items that you walk past at home without thinking about caring or maintaining them. As long as the door opens and you lock it behind you without hassles, you do not pay attention to its care and maintenance. However, you should take good care of your front door to keep it highly functional and create a good impression. Meanwhile, we have put together tips on how you can care for and maintain your front door.


1. Clean with Water and Non-abrasive Soap

One of the ways to maintain and clean your front door is to use warm water and mild, non-abrasive soap with a smooth rag to clean the door. Because the door is exposed to the elements and dust, it must be dirty. Use mild soap to avoid damaging the surface and the painting of the door. Wipe the door clean and allow it to dry.

2. Apply Oil or Wax

After wiping your front door clean and it has dried, if your entry door is wooden, apply quality oil on it. There are different types of wood oil: linseed oil and Tung oil. The oil will keep the wood door in the best condition and free from damage by termites. If your door is metal or fiberglass, apply a light coat of furniture wax. Ensure to repeat this routine once monthly.

3. Varnish the Door with UV-Blocking Paint

You must protect your front door from sun damage through the harmful UV rays. The best way to do this is by finishing the door with a varnish containing UV-blocking ingredients or UV-blocking paint. Remember to sand your door and refinish it with the varnish or paint that has UV-blocking properties. This will protect the door from damage caused by humidity, rain, snow, and extreme weather. Refinish your door regularly to extend its lifespan and efficiency.

4. Repair and Refinish Your Door

If your front door is damaged, you should repair it, sand it, and refinish it with high-quality exterior grade latex paint. Ensure to refinish the damaged part and make it uniform with the whole part of the floor and surrounding colour.

5. Avoid Harsh Chemicals

By all means, ensure that your front door does not get in contact with harsh chemicals such as lawn pesticides, fertilizers, grease removers, nail polish removers, furniture polishes, ammonia, bleaches, etc. Harsh chemicals will undoubtedly damage your front door. Protect and maintain your front door to make it last longer.

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