What is a Storm Door and Why You Should Get One?

A storm door is a door that is installed in front of the entry for protection against bad weather, allowing ventilation, and letting natural light into the home. A storm door usually has interchangeable glass panels and window screen panels to keep flying insects away from entering the house and to provide visibility.

You need to consider a storm door the way you view and pay attention to the windows and doors in your home. A storm door is an extension of your entry door and it stands between your home and the exterior. There are many reasons why you should get a storm door for your home; read this article further.


1. Enhance the Home's Energy Efficiency

A storm door provides your entry door with an additional layer of protection. It shields your entry door from direct contact with the elements. Besides, a storm door acts as an insulator by preventing air leaks and keeping cold or warm air inside the home. If you want to improve the overall energy efficiency of your home, installing a storm door.

2. Extra Level of Protection

Although a storm door protects the entry door from ice, snow, rain, wind, and heat. It also protects the entry door from damage from exposure to the elements and sensitive materials. As a result, this will reduce the amount of maintenance your entry door will require. The storm door also extends the life expectancy of an entry door.

3. Enhances the Home's Security

Regardless of your location, security is a priority. Installing a storm door will boost the level of security in your home. Intruders and burglars are usually discouraged by storm doors because they will need more time to break-in.

4. Protects the Home from Insects and Debris

Nothing is as disturbing as having flying insects hovering over your head, and troubling you in your home. A storm door will prevent insects from entering your home. Besides, a storm door keeps your home free from debris that could enter during the summer.

5. Increases the Home's Curb Appeal

A storm door provides visibility and allows more light into the home. Children and pets can roam freely inside the house and experience the exterior. This improves the home's curb appeal and enhances the overall aesthetics of the home.

Get a storm door to improve your comfort and provide your home with an appealing facade. If you are thinking about new windows and doors for your home, remember to include a storm door to shield your entry door.

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