Eavestroughing, Soffit & Fascia Repair 

Eavestroughing, Soffit & Fascia Repair Services in London Less

EavestroughingEavestrough system is your home’s rain water solution. when water runs down your roof it gets collected in the eavestroughs, that run around the perimeter of your home. the water then goes into the downspout pipe and gets drained into the ground. eavestrough repair is essential for the maintenance of your home, as broken eavestrough can lead to collection of water and moisture resulting in extensive damage to your home.  


While getting your eavestrough repairs, you should also get your Soffit boards and panels assessed. Soffits run along the bottom of your roof and connect to your eavestrough. They not only provide ventilation for your roof but are aesthetically pleasing and protect your rafters from outdoor elements.


Fascia is the long piece of aluminium that is placed along the bottom edge of your roof. Fascia has both aesthetic and functional value as it protects your roof structure while giving a visually pleasing transition between room deck to your soffit.

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